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Maintenance standard for fishplate equipment

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The fishplate is used on the railway very much and is used frequently, but the installation and maintenance standards for the fishplate device need to be mastered by the user. We need to pay attention to the standards related to the installation and maintenance of the fishplate. Today we will briefly introduce some of them.

In order to ensure the good use of railway accessories such as fishplates, it is necessary to frequently repair and reinforce the fishplate to improve the quality of the equipment and avoid accidents.

Fishplate installation equipment maintenance standards:

1. The fixing plate of the fishplate mounting device is fastened, and the device has no old cracks.

2. There is no old crack in the connecting rod and external locking device. The rod has no grinding and rusting. The pin hole wear is no more than 1mm and the insulation is good.

3, the rod connection iron insulation is good, the outer lock connection iron and the indicating rod connection iron insulation is good, there is no gap of more than 3mm when there is no insulation, no contact with other parts, the bolt is fastened.

4. Check the fishplate installation device. There is no crack in the casing of the converter. The installation is firm and the locking function is good.

5. Check that the oil pipe channel protection measures are intact and not damaged, and are not buried by other debris such as stone shovel.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of the performance of the fishplate related, our detailed introduction also brings more convenience to everyone in the future use process, so that our work efficiency is improved. We will introduce some tips on the fishplate first, and more information will continue to pay attention to us.
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