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High quality casting and forging tie plates

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Kingrail offer casting and forging tie plates, specification can be standard(115RE)and customized.


A tie plate is a thick steel panel that sits between the rails and ties, or sleepers, on a standard railroad track. Railroad tie plates are generally tapered at either end to improve stability and reduce torsion and twisting along the rails. Rails installed with tie plates are better able to maintain their position, which helps to standardize the width, or gauge, of the track along its length. Engineers and builders use rail tie plates to extend the longevity of a new track installation, and to maximize safety for passengers and railway workers.


In traditional rail construction, workers lay a bed of gravel or loose stone. They top the stone with short wooden beams, or ties, which act as a support for the steel rails. A steel spike is driven through a flange along the base of the rail to fasten it to each tie.


Tie plates help to evenly distribute the weight of the train and cargo over a larger portion of each tie. This reduces friction between the rails and ties, and helps the wooden ties last longer than they otherwise would. It also helps the metal rails wear more evenly, and allows them to maintain a smoother, more uniform surface. 

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