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What are the technical requirements for spiral studs

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Spiral spikes are railway spikes and one of many railway accessories. They are one of our main products. We can provide high-quality spiral spikes according to user requirements. Work, and through the long-term contact with the spiral spike, the understanding of the spiral spike is also increasing. In addition to introducing you to the spiral spike in detail, you can also doubt your spiral spike, so as to comprehensively and detailedly understand the spiral. Road spike. In order to increase everyone's understanding of spiral spikes and further broaden the scope of application of spiral spikes, the technical requirements of spiral spikes will be summarized and introduced.

     1. The material of the spiral stud is Q235-A steel, and the technical requirements should meet the requirements of GB700.

     2. The upper thread of the spiral stud is M24, and the basic dimensions should comply with the provisions of GB196, and the thread tolerances are manufactured according to 8g specified in GB197.

     3. The lower thread of the spiral stud is a special M25.6 × 6-d24.0 / 25.6 thread, and the tooth height is 3.25-00.25mm.

     4. The end of the spiral spike is manufactured in accordance with GB2.

     5. The forged cracks on the surface of the spiral stud round table are not allowed to extend to the shaft.

     6. The upper thread of the spiral stud is not allowed to have bumps and burrs that hinder the free rotation of the thread gauge, and it is not allowed to have incomplete double-tips, scratches and thread fasteners that affect the use.

     7. The thread of the lower part of the spiral road nail should be neat and tooth-shaped, and the thread fastener is complete, and no splitting marks are allowed.

     8. The surface of the spiral stud is not allowed to have dents, burrs, flashes, burns and scales that affect its use.

     9. The physical strength test of the spiral studs shall be carried out. When the load is 130kN, the spiral studs shall not be broken.
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